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Director, Principal Chiropractor

Since completing her Chiropractic degree with first class honours in 2001 Tara has worked in the City of Casey.

Much of Tara’s vast clinical experience has been in the area of sports. She has cared for athletes of all competition levels, and addresses the spine as well as the extremities (shoulders, knees, ankles etc.).

Tara believes that by using a wholistic approach which includes manual (hands on) therapy, exercise/stretch therapy, sound nutritional advice & a positive attitude that most clients can achieve their health goal.

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Associate Chiropractor

With over 15 years of Chiropractic experience Dr Lee’s chiropractic approach is a diverse one. In addition to practising as a “traditional” manual chiropractor Dr Lee is also a qualified Activator and Thompson technique practitioner. This great mix of approaches combining hands on with low force chiropractic care, allows him to effectively target the cause of the problems rather than the symptoms.

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Associate Chiropractor

With her background in volunteering for community clinics and her passion for sport, Amanda brings a wealth of knowledge to ChiroCentric. 
Amanda utilises a variety of techniques to yield optimal results; whether it be manual (traditional) or low force adjusting, soft-tissue techniques, taping or tailored rehabilitation programs her goal is to alleviate pain promptly and to optimise performance.

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Master Chiropractor

With almost 40 years experience delivering hands-on, patient-focused care Craig is in the enviable position of being one of the South Eastern suburbs’ longest serving chiropractors.
Utilising a mix of manual manipulation, instrument assisted low-force adjusting & soft tissue therapy Craig has helped countless patients to achieve happy, healthy and pain free lives.